Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Tulip Festival

 This was such a fun trip to tulip town! So glad that we skipped school and made some memories! We will defiantly be going back again next year. I can't believe that the boys enjoyed it so much, fields and sunshine. Here is a glimpse into the beauty of that day! I love these little faces more than anything in the world! ...and to add flowers just made my day brighter!

 Bentley Ray is truly a Ray of sunshine in our home! I love this little face and the millions of willing kisses he brings me each day! He loved the flowers and was going wild with the freedom of the fields :)

Cody was very excited to find these black diamond tulips! he was hoping to find blue...but these were a close second! such a wonderful big brother and one of the greatest human beings I have ever met!

Little Bridger was all over the place! He started walking a few weeks ago and is unstoppable now. he loved holding flowers, b-lining straight to mud puddles and toddling over the uneven ground. he fell quite a few times and tried to eat a few tuplips, he was a mess when it was all said and through, and I don't think he would have traded the day for anything!  


Maxwell is such a fun boy and a great big brother, he was coming up with games and hiding in the fields and finding pour tulips that had been picked  and disregarded. I could never post all of the photos here that I took of this cute little toothless face. Maxwell is such a wonderful blessing to our family! 

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MarkMathdad said...

What a day to remember!
It is snowing today at our local tulip festival.