Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Magnolias Birthday

Birthday season is here!! heres a few of these sweet kiddos.
Magnolia April 22

 Happy Birthday Magnolia!! I love you sweet girl!
She is such a GIRL I love it! She's shy around boys, sucks her thumb, drags a blankie around, holds a baby, loves her Kenslie Baby and goes straight to her every time!! She loves LOVES loves her daddy and lights up at the sound of his voice and while she dosen't say daddy she somehow says "da" and wants to call him on the phone all the time! She LOVEs her brothers and lights up at the sound of their names when they are away. She started full on walking everywhere the week of her birthday and hasn't stopped. She just walks around all day long!! She loves holding anything over her arm like a bag or purse and will settle for a shirt or other clothes and puts her arm through it and carries it like a purse through the arm hole. SOOO funny!! Shes very opinionated, we can't believe shes not saying more words but she does use a few signs. OH I ALMOST FORGOT she throws a mean fit!
She loved yogurt, bananas, cheese sticks and milkies and of course her favorite....Ice cream cones!!

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